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Electric City Bike, white
Electric City Bike, silver
Electric City Bike, black
Electric City Bike, red
Electric City Bike, lock and key
Electric City Bike, speedo - tacho

You can't go wrong with this versatile light weight folding bike, it has a super powerful 36 volt lithium battery, powerful street legal rear hub motor. This is a 20 inch wheel full size adult bike capable of speeds up to 25 km per hour.

It has 6 speed shimano gears with 3 pedal assist levels, front and rear lights, fold away pedals and more.

I've done the maths, it takes less than 30 seconds to fold or unfold this bike ready for use, just 2 simple clamps (no tools required) will have you set to go in under 30 seconds.

Think of the possibilities, you can take it anywhere you would like to go, pop it in the front seat or boot of your car or caravan, carry it on the bus or train, ride to work and leave it under you desk.

Take it on holidays with you, in fact you can take it anywhere you want to, it's that easy to carry around you will be amazed.

You wont be disappointed at just $999.

Model: The Traveller

Test ride available by appointment.


unisex step through city bike.
choice of 4 colours.
all the classic bike features.
from just $799

Electric city-ebike-red-small.jpg Bike

Super light weight Lithium battery,
3 levels of pedal assist,
Top end bike with all the features
at the amazing price of $999

Electric urban-ebike-black-small.jpg Bike

ruggered electric mountain bike.
walk assist throttle.
make any hill a breeze
all at just $1099

Electric mountain-ebike-blue-small.jpg Bike

extra wide 4 inch fat tyre.
more power, more comfort, more safety.
Super lightweight aluminum frame
Can you believe only $1299

Electric cruiser-ebike-fat-small.jpg Bike

800 watts of power.
strictly for off road or private road use.
not for the light hearted
Unbelievable price $1699

Electric offroad-ebike-fat-small.jpg Bike


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