Buying an e-bike on the internet
As with buying anything on the internet most people have a positive experience. Unfortunately there is always a bad apple that can let us all down. My best tip for you is, as you are going to spend several hundred dollars on a electric bike you should spend that extra $1 on a phone call and make sure there is a real person on the end of the line. Remember if you can't contact your e-bike seller by phone before you purchase it is unlikely you will be able to contact them after you purchase.
What sort of E-Bike should I buy.
With 100's of different models out there it can get confusing but when you think about it there are only 4 different styles available. 1- City Step Through model which is great for ladies and gents not wanting to climb over the seat every time they get on and off their e-bike. 2. Mountain/Road e-bike model which will mostly suit men or sports minded riders. 3 - Folding e-bike models for those traveling and want to pack their bike and easily take it with them. 4 - 3 Wheel Trikes for those who like a bit more stability. So don't get to bogged down with models (especially if you are a first time buyer) better that you get the right style that suits your needs.
Are E-Bikes legal to ride on the road.
Not all e-bikes are street legal. To legally ride your e-bike on the road it must have an electric motor of less than 250 watts, if your e-bike motor exceeds 250 watts it is illegal to ride it on any public road or footpath. All our electric bikes are 100% street legal and can be ridden anywhere a standard push bike can be ridden including traveling on buses and trains etc.
How fast will my E-Bike travel.
Most street legal e-bikes will travel around 25 klm per hour depending whether they are speed limited or not. A lot of e-bikes are speed limited and will not travel up to 25 klm per hour (check with your supplier if your e-bike model is speed limited). All our e-bikes except the tricycles are NOT speed limited and can travel up to 25 klm per hour and much faster when peddling.
How far can I travel on one full charge.
There are many factors that can determine the distance you can travel on your electric bike, wind, weight, hills, terrain, whether you use peddle assist or just throttle power only and battery size. Most significant is the battery size, most modern electric bikes will travel at least 40klm to 80klm on one charge.
Costs and benefits of running an Electric bike.
Now your talking. With the cost of charging your battery at around 10 cents a charge the potential savings are enormous. The average person could probably motor cycle to their local shops more than ten times for the cost of one charge. Imagine not taking the car for all those little trips under 10 kilometers or so. Not only will it save you tonnes of money it's good for you and the environment.
Safety and security.
All our electric bikes are street legal and have an Australian Import Approval. All bikes have security key start, please note that does not mean they can not be stolen, they may not be able to be motor ridden away but they can still be peddled away just like a standard push bike. Make sure you lock your electric bike at all times while untended. Check our accessories page for a great anti- theft security vibration alarm, and once set you will not be able to ride (or walk) your bike away, well not without being noticed any way.
Shipping and delivery.
We ship Australia wide with Toll Ipec. You can have your e-bike shipped to a Toll depot in your town or city to pick up yourself or have it delivered direct to your door anywhere in Australia. Delivery cost depends on your location and we can give an exact cost once we know your suburb and post code. Approximate delivery times are : Qld/Sydney 3 days. Melbourne/Adelaide 5 days. WA 7 days.
Why are your bikes so much cheaper than the retail bike shops.
We are not a retail bike shop, we do not have a flashy show room with sales reps and other overhead costs. We are a direct importer, we deal direct with the manufacturer and only buy in bulk container loads which then saves us thousands of dollars and in turn saves you hundreds of dollars.
Why do you not have a shopping check out cart or basket on your website.
Goes back to question one really, we practice what we preach. you can not purchase an electric bike from us with out talking to us first. We want you to get the best bike that suits your needs, the best way to do that is to get to know you a little better. You my have another 100 questions about electric bikes, call us any time, its better to ask the questions before you buy as after you buy my be to late.